itadaki street 2 (いただきストリート2)

hello and welcome! this is a project for reverse-engineering itadaki street 2.

itadaki street 2 is an early game in a japanese-only series. it was released on the super nintendo.

western players may know this series from the release of fortune street, on the wii.
fortune street is generally considered the worst game in the series.

thankfully, this game isn't that, it's better! so we want to make it accessible for english players.

there is an english guide available. the website is terrible, though.


the goal of this project is to reverse-engineer enough about this game to be able to make an english translation patch.

right now, we are trying to find all the relevant data.

much of the work is being done in a google document, with some reports being done in a forum thread.


here are a list of tools in this project so far:

there are also some other tools that are not web-accessible:


if you think you can help out with this, follow the link to the github repo over on the right.
you can also post in the forum thread or message me on twitter or whatever.